What is the Pure Brazilian Treatment?

The Pure Brazilian Treatment is a 90 minute in salon treatment that will change your hair and your life! Imagine styling your hair in 10 minutes and it looking like you stepped out of the salon!  The Pure Brazilian Reconstructor Solution fills in your hair cuticle and creates a layer of protein over the hair shaft.  For up to 12 weeks your hair will be shinier, smoother and sleeker than ever.  Your blow dry and styling time will be dramatically decreased.  Your color will “pop” and look radiant and healthy.  As a bonus, your hair will grow effortlessly because of this new protective layer.  Your hair will not be able to break or have split ends and the result will be longer and healthier hair!

What is the difference between the Pure Brazilian Original Reconstructor Solution and the Clear Solution?

These two solutions give the stylist an opportunity to customize their clients’ treatment to their hair type and desired results. The Original Reconstructor Solution is a stronger formula that is based on Brazilian Keratin, Cocoa and Açai. Original Reconstructor Solution is ideal for coarse, thick or curly textured hair. It reduces volume and frizz, as well as imparts shine and softness. The Clear Solution is a plant-derived formula that reduces frizz and gives shine through an amino acid bonding system. The Clear Solution is ideal for fine to medium textured hair as it does not reduce volume. The Clear Solution is perfect for fine to medium hair clients, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding clients and children. Both Solutions yield results that last up to 3 months or longer and leave the hair in an overall healthier condition!

How does the Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment compare to other brands?

The Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment does not have any processing or “down time” in the salon which allows the treatment to be complete in around 90 minutes. The treatment is able to be washed out immediately unlike other brands that need to stay in the hair for up to 3 days. Finally, Pure Brazilian makes the hair healthy, shiny and frizz-free rather than dull and straw-like.

Who is the best candidate for the Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment?

The best candidate is someone with dry, damaged, frizzy, color-treated hair that needs to be restored. However, Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment works great on all hair types; thick, thin, dry, chemically damaged, blondes, brunettes, straight and/or curly. This professional treatment works on the porosity in the hair to improve the health of the hair by conditioning while smoothing the cuticle to eliminate frizz and create radiant shine.

Can I receive a Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment if I have highlights and/or color?

Absolutely, the Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment actually gives the best results with colored/highlighted hair. This hair is more porous and therefore the product is absorbed more and the color is enhanced! The cuticle is sealed and the result is shiny, frizz free, silky hair!

Will the Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment straighten my hair?

The Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment is a smoothing treatment rather than a straightener and gives different results depending on the texture of the hair. If you hair is very curly it will enhance and define the curl and eliminate frizz. If your hair is wavy it will appear naturally straight, silky and frizz-free. Finally, if you have straight hair, the treatment will eliminate frizz and create shine. The treatment reduces drying time of all hair types to 1/3 of the usual time. The treatment does not break the bonds of the hair, but rather the weight of the product determines the results.

How long does the Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment last?

The Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment will last up to 12 weeks. It is important to use the Pure Brazilian After Care Products on a daily basis to maximize the results. The Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment is cumulative; the more times you have it done, the healthier the hair will be and the longer the result will last.

Can you apply the Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment directly on top of relaxers and perms?

Absolutely! Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment actually works best on chemically treated hair, and helps to improve the hair’s condition by fortifying every strand with essential proteins, amino acids and conditioners. The Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment actually restores hair that has been dried out from chemical treatments and brings the hair back to life.

Will my hair lose volume if I have the Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment?

NO. Your hair will maintain it’s natural volume and can still be curled and round brushed.

Will my hair return to its original state after the Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment has completed its life cycle?

YES. This treatment does not alter the structure of your hair and will gradually wash out over 3 months; however, your hair will be be in a healthier state after the treatment completes its’ cycle as it has been protected by a barrier of protein.

Can you color your hair the same day you receive a Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment?

YES. The color can be done the same day and should be done prior to the Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment.

Can you swim in the pool or ocean after you have the Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment

YES. You can swim in either the pool or the ocean. You should coat your hair with Pure Brazilian Daily Anti Frizz Serum to protect your treatment. Rinse hair after swimming.

Can I still receive the Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment if I have over-processed or platinum blonde hair?

YES. Your stylist will use less heat to prevent any damage as your hair is delicate and fragile.

Can you perform a Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment on extensions?

Absolutely. The Pure BrazilianProfessional Treatment works wonders on hair extensions. Hair extensions tend to dry out as they do not receive natural oils from the scalp. The treatment will restore moisture to the extensions and leave them looking silky and soft.

Can I receive a Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment if I am pregnant?

We recommend using Pure Brazilian Clear on a pregnant or breastfeeding client. The Clear solution is “free and clear” of any chemicals.

Can a Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment be used on African American hair?

YES. The Pure Brazilian Professional Treatment can be used on any type of hair. More heat will need to be applied and possibly a relaxer before-hand.


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